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Split PDF Files

When it comes to data sharing nothing can match doing it in PDF format. As a matter of fact, maintaining data integrity is the primary objective of these files. It allows to share all kind of information such as texts, images etc. with complete assurance that it will reach destination in the original format untouched and unspoilt. But, if the data that is to be shared is too big that could not be transferred over network, take help of Kernel for PDF Split and Merge tool that can break large portable document format files into smaller ones.

Kernel for PDF Split and Merge is an award winning tool that can break large PDF into a number of small sized PDFs within seconds. There are a number of parameters based on which you can break them into small documents that are easily manageable. For the files that have been transferred over network after splitting, you can merge them to create a single file.

If a number of small portable document format files are part of the same topic then it makes sense to combine them in one big file. Taking this into consideration, software allows splitting and merging with easy and straight-forward steps.

Kernel for PDF Split and Merge perform read-only operation on the source files and thus maintains data integrity. All your output files, whether after merging or splitting, are new while the source file is left as it originally was. The software can be availed in free demo version so that you can test the software before purchasing it. The demo version offers complete features as full versions; however, it has “Kernel for PDF Split and Merge Demo" written.

While performing PDF split operations using Kernel for PDF split and merge software if any question bothers you then contact our help desk representatives using live chat support.

Software Features
  • Allows sharing of large PDFs by splitting them into smaller and manageable documents that can be transferred over network
  • Completely a standalone utility
  • Various parameters available to perform split function
  • Split or merge encrypted PDF documents if password is known
  • Assign the page order while splitting and merging the file
  • Output files are automatically named in sequential order
  • For processing, you can add the entire folder containing PDFs instead of adding them one by one
  • Manage multiple documents easily after merging them into a single file
  • Software has an intuitive user interface that makes working on it very easy
  • Software is also available for free evaluation
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